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Information system for Monitoring Vital Parameters, Estimates and Projections of Newborn Bio-systems

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Neural networks - is one of the areas of research in the field of artificial intelligence based on trying to reproduce the human nervous system, namely the ability of the nervous system to learn and correct mistakes, which should allow to model, although rather crudely, the human brain.

Learning ability of neural networks can be strengthened through the use of information processing technology, based on fuzzy logic device. The parameters of the membership functions are configured using the same techniques that are taught traditional neural networks.


Information system for monitoring vital parameters established in the medical equipment refers to medical diagnostic devices for the study of the physiological parameters of the newborn and can be used mainly for long-distance non-contact monitoring of the newborn of life parameters such as movement, breathing and heartbeat.

In the light of these provisions, the relevance of this work is obvious and the need to address information for vital control important parameters, estimation and forecast the state of newborns as a complex problem.

The subject of the study are features inherent information system for monitoring vital parameters, assess and forecast the state of newborns.

Aims and objectives of the thesis.

The main aim of the thesis is to study the information system for monitoring vital parameters, assess and forecast the state of newborns.

The work demands review the information system for monitoring vital parameters of the state of newborns as a complex problem. In order to observe the basic parameters of life, we need the punctuality device that helps in monitoring newborn and develop the scale, which is used at present for the newborn (the Apgar scale of five options for up to seven parameters). Create new scale and device which suitable with the new era of technology and the newly discovered disease, and from the other hand, to obtain a correct solution with respect to time in an emergency without any need to call a specialist or doctors.

Scientific novelty

Create a new artificial intelligence information system supporting the new Apgar system to save newborn lives in the emergency without the help of a specialist or a doctor.

Development Apgar for measuring, forecasting and management of the important parameters of newborn life, which will include more factors than Apgar factors from five settings for up to seven parameters to be fit with new diseases and new techniques to predict the perimeters of life for saving the live of newborns before going out of the complex.


Results of the study published in 2 journals recommended by VAK of Russia, and 6 collections of reports, papers and materials of international and national conferences and meetings. Also, research results will be published in international journals such as the International Journal of Experimental Education, Science Direct, and Elsevier Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

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